Thursday, September 27, 2007

Willow comes aboard

Recently, on the very fun doll forum at American Girl Playthings, I came across a person selling this beautiful, cut hair Kaya.

I thought she was perfect for a "girl of today" doll, since she no longer had those long braids of Kaya. Also, I've always wanted to play with my Kaya's hair, but didn't want to take down those original braids. The seller also mentioned that she would consider a trade. So I sent her a picture of the re-furbished Josefina, that we had fixed up from her horrendous state.

The seller was instantly in love with our Fosterfina and agreed to a 'trade'. So trusting one another explicitly we mailed out our respective dolls (UPS with tracking) and waited. It only took two days, and our lovely "Willow" was here! What a great deal. Welcome to the family, Willow.

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