Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hazel on the farm

A new traveling doll has arrived at our home! This is Hazel Ying Lee, the traveling Women Airforce Service Pilot (WASP) tribute doll.

Hazel arrived at our house this week and so far all she's been able to do is help with the animals on our Hobby Farm.

She fed the cats, but only Molly showed up to eat.
So Hazel went off to look for the other cat.
She found Dolly sunning herself on the stairway.
Then Hazel went to check on Snowball, the dwarf hamster. She didn't need any food. She just wanted to nibble on the bars.

Next Hazel went outside to feed the chickens. They were a bit scared of her.

And she gathered the eggs from the nesting boxes.
Hazel ended up gathering six eggs! All six hens have layed today!
Hazel was going to feed the dog, but she was afraid that the dog would rather eat her,
so she stayed on the outside of the kennel.
Lastly Hazel went into the barn stalls to see the rest of the animals.
But she couldn't find them. Stay tuned.