Monday, March 31, 2008

HHS Gwen

Our Hopscotch Hill School, Skylar, was getting lonely being the only 16" jointed AG doll in the family. So we found her a classmate, Gwen.

Welcome, Gwen!

Charis joins us

We have adopted a new girl into our family. Charis {KAR iss} is a 1995 AGoT #15 (medium skin, dark brown eyes, textured black hair.) American Girl has just recently retired this girl, so she is no longer available from AG.

Welcome to our family, Charis!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We love Peeps!

Julie hanging with her Peeps!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sadie says, Goodbye Tennessee!

Goodbye, Tennessee!

It's time to pack up and leave this host and head out to the next stop on my travels. I've enjoyed my time here and am looking forward to spending some fun time in Chicago!

I was a big hit at church yesterday. Lots of ladies and girls oh'd and ah'd over me.
Everyone thought I was so pretty. And look at me! I most certainly am!

I'm ready to go now. Thanks for letting me visit here at AGR. 
Goodbye new friends!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Racing in Tennessee! (Sadie)

Racing in Tennessee

Saturday we got to go to the Bristol Motor Speedway
to watch the NASCAR Nationwide Series race.

This is the Hall of Fame museum at the track.
We had to park about 1 mile away and walk to the track.
See my neat shirt AGR made me for the event?

We had pretty good seats. But those race cars are LOUD!
I had to wear ear plugs to help with the noise!

Unfortunately the race was shortened because of rain.
But I still had lots of fun!

You know how NASCARs have all types of different sponsors? This one was the strangest I've ever seen. US Border Patrol. Now the government is getting into advertising on race cars!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Corde on Tour

Ah, another Traveler has arrived already at AmericanGirlRescue. Corde (GT#21) is from California and is trying to go to every state during her travels. She's been to Arkansas, New York and Massachusetts so far. Now she's very welcome here in Tennessee.

Meet Cordelia!
Visit her and follow all her traveling at her own blog "Corde on Tour". 
(update: original travel blog gone, so updated this post with a few of her photos)

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

College Life (Sadie)

College Life

I've been having a fun week in Tennessee.
Today we went touring the college campus to have some fun.

First I just had to stop and smell the flowers.
We should always remember to do that.

Then we went to the Student Center for some recreation.
I even had my very own sized ping-pong paddle!

I was pretty good at pool.
But I had the advantage of being able to sit on the table.

I pretty much owned at foosball.
These guys are more my speed.

After all that hard playtime, I needed some refreshment.
Pepsi sounds good.

I went in to meet the President of the college, but lo and behold, he wasn't in. So I just took over being the secretary for a while. She's pretty organized, but I helped her out a bit.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lily Flower

Check out the newest girl to join American Girl Rescue!

Meet Lily!
Lily is a 1996 GT#4. She's the only Asian doll available in the Today/JLY line. She arrived from Phoenix yesterday. She is warmly welcomed by her 21 sisters.

It's so hard to get a good picture of her. She really is so cute, but I took over 20 photos of her yesterday and none of them turned out looking like she really does. She has such a unique face mold that is hard to capture on film.

Friday, March 7, 2008

More Stuff in Tennessee (Sadie)

More stuff in Tennessee

 Here are some pictures of other things that I've done this week in Tennessee.One morning for breakfast the girls and I had some hot cocoa and capaccinos. Josefina made us some Bizcochitos too!

Check me out here! This was SO much fun. I held on really tightly and screamed the entire time. Don't worry, Mom, I was wearing Lindsey's helmet to protect me in case I fell off.

We went downtown to the Library. I found the exact book that I wanted to read!

Then we went to the Museum of Art. You can't take pictures inside, but here I am outside!

What trip to downtown Knoxville would be complete without a stop at the Sunsphere! The Sunsphere was designed as a symbol of the sun and was built for the World's Fair that was held in Knoxville in 1982.

Check out the view of the city from up here inside the Sunsphere! Everyone looks like little ants from up here.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Adventures in Tennessee (Sadie)

Weekend adventures in TN

I had a fun first weekend in Tennessee.

First we went to Home Depot where on the first Saturday of every month they offer free "Kids' Workshops" where you can build a project for free. Here I am helping to build a wooden Nascar. Fun.

Next we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. They serve peanuts as an appetizer there. Boy, there certainly are a lot of peanuts!

Texas Roadhouse didn't have Jello on their menu, so I just got some whipped cream. I wasn't very hungry since I'd already had so many peanuts waiting for my food to arrive.

Then since it was such a beautiful (although WINDY) day, we went golfing. The course wasn't nearly as pretty as it looked when Nora came in the fall. Winter has taken it's toll on the greens!

But the creek was still running and beautiful. I enjoyed just resting beside the bubbling brook.

Later some of the girls and I played outside in the treehouse.

At night we built a fire in the fireplace and roasted hotdogs for supper. That was fun too.

I had a busy weekend here at AGR. I slept very soundly in one of the bunk beds after my long day.