Thursday, March 13, 2008

College Life (Sadie)

College Life

I've been having a fun week in Tennessee.
Today we went touring the college campus to have some fun.

First I just had to stop and smell the flowers.
We should always remember to do that.

Then we went to the Student Center for some recreation.
I even had my very own sized ping-pong paddle!

I was pretty good at pool.
But I had the advantage of being able to sit on the table.

I pretty much owned at foosball.
These guys are more my speed.

After all that hard playtime, I needed some refreshment.
Pepsi sounds good.

I went in to meet the President of the college, but lo and behold, he wasn't in. So I just took over being the secretary for a while. She's pretty organized, but I helped her out a bit.

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