Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Petite Patisserie for Grace!

I bought the Wal-mart brand "My-Life-As" Snack-Stand ($27.97). Disclaimer: the Wal-mart on-line photo isn't the same as what's in the store. It now has chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, a lavender/white canopy and a lavender cash register.

I painted the canopy stripes black and printed off a front view of Grace's Patisserie which I glued on (and then covered with laminate).

I also added in treats from the Target brand Our Generation Tea Set ($16.99), along with treats from various swaps on AGPlaythings. -- YUMMY!!

The finishing touches are the tiny bags and boxes printed off and assembled using this idea/template from AmericanGirlIdeas.com blog (free).

Now Grace and mini-Grace are ready to make and sell their goodies for much less than any treat set at AG.

UPDATE: I made a small platform with wheels out of things I found after dismantling some extra "Build-and-Grow with Lowes" stuff this afternoon. And spray painted red to contrast the cart.

Still looking for the white cabinet handle that I know is around here somewhere. I plan on gluing that to the end of the Cart where Grace's hands currently are, so she can push it around.

UPDATE 3/4/15:
Didn't find the handle, so ordered one from Lowe's.com (direct link to the handle I ordered) and super-glued it to the cart.

Completed Petite Patisserie!