Thursday, January 15, 2015

Paris themed quilt for Grace!

I ran across this fabric at Wal-mart the other day and just had to get a small piece for Grace! I only bought 3/4 of a yard (@ $3.97 yard) of the front fabric and 1/2 yard (same price) of the contrasting backing. I already had some quilt batting pieces that I used to make it warm.

I did NOT want to cut it up and piece it back together because the images are kind of big. I just hand quilted around each image making a sort of 'applique' look. The finished size is 21" x 19".

UPDATE: Also made a bolster pillow and a bed for Bonbon!

And another update! I've taken almost all of the rest of the Paris fabric and made a sheet (more like a pillow case) for Grace's mattress. Then I made mini-Grace a quilt and pillow with some scraps! 


One more update: Pieced together the tiny scraps and made mini-Grace a matteress too, and then I made a little bed for her out of some scrap, craft-grade wood I found in the basement. I used my new Dremel tool to make a bit of carving on the headboard and foot-board. I may work on that some more. And then I need to stain or paint it.

Friday, January 9, 2015

UPDATE: All of the American Girl Stores we've visited!

Now that we've been to two more different stores, it's time to update the image to the TEN DIFFERENT AG stores that we've visited.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Grace Thomas, GotY 2015!

Grace made her debut and we went to Charlotte, NC to meet her!

She really is pretty, but it's so hard to photograph the Josefina face mold!

The BeForever section is the first to greet you as you come in the Charlotte AG store.

Grace with life-sized Grace in the store display of the life-sized Patisserie.

The Charlotte store is in the South Park Mall and can only be accessed from inside of the mall.

Grace saying hello from the famous doll-hooks in the restrooms!