Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Adventures in Tennessee (Sadie)

Weekend adventures in TN

I had a fun first weekend in Tennessee.

First we went to Home Depot where on the first Saturday of every month they offer free "Kids' Workshops" where you can build a project for free. Here I am helping to build a wooden Nascar. Fun.

Next we went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. They serve peanuts as an appetizer there. Boy, there certainly are a lot of peanuts!

Texas Roadhouse didn't have Jello on their menu, so I just got some whipped cream. I wasn't very hungry since I'd already had so many peanuts waiting for my food to arrive.

Then since it was such a beautiful (although WINDY) day, we went golfing. The course wasn't nearly as pretty as it looked when Nora came in the fall. Winter has taken it's toll on the greens!

But the creek was still running and beautiful. I enjoyed just resting beside the bubbling brook.

Later some of the girls and I played outside in the treehouse.

At night we built a fire in the fireplace and roasted hotdogs for supper. That was fun too.

I had a busy weekend here at AGR. I slept very soundly in one of the bunk beds after my long day.

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