Thursday, October 4, 2007

Addy & Adele Rose

I found a lot of Addy things on eBay that I wanted to get for my Addy. The lot also came with another Addy. I figured we'd just sell her and keep her things. But NOOOO!!! This new Addy that arrived in this lot was a 1993 original issue Addy!! We just had to keep her. Here's a comparison picture of our Addys faces:

 Our beautiful 1993 Addy has her hair in the original braid and has softer, more pliable vinyl unlike the newer Addy. She is just gorgeous. (Addy never photographs as well as she looks!)

So we've decided we needed to keep both Addys. And to minimize the confusion, we've made the 1996 Addy into a modern American Girl.

Meet Adele Rose our new Haitian American Girl of Today.

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