Monday, October 8, 2007

Meadow in the Mountains

On Saturday, we took Meadow around to show her some East Tennessee sights. First off, though, we had to stop at Home Depot Kid's Workshop.  October is fire safety month, so this month the children were building a fire truck.

Meadow helping with the construction!
This hammer is awfully big!

Then we took her to the Smoky Mountains where we stopped to try to get a view of the mountains. It's hard to get a nice picture of the mountains when you're already in them! 

Welcome to the Smokies!

Then, of course, we had to go to Dollywood. It is Harvest Celebration time at Dollywood, so Meadow got to learn lots of things about how things were made in the olden days.

Meadow welcoming people to Dollywood
Watching the bees make honey.
Learning how meals were cooked along the open prairie.
Watching and learning about weaving.
Meadow even got to make her own jump rope (or lasso) to bring home.

Meadow certainly enjoyed her visit to Dollywood, but her favorite part was visiting with this horse who had been helping grind sugar cane to make sorghum.

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