Friday, September 7, 2007

Nora's first day here

We have a traveling doll at our house! A traveling doll is when someone takes one of their American Girl dolls and sends her to different hosts for a couple weeks at a time. The point being to learn about different states and countries. Traveling Nora (GT#23), along with her pet dog, Earhart, is originally from Wisconsin, but she came via her first host in Florida yesterday. She will spend two weeks with us before I send her on to her next host. Fun!

"It's been a long, hot week, Earhart," said Nora, "But I think we're almost to our new host's home in Tennessee." Nora and Earhart continued their journey down the lane.
"Yep, this certainly looks like where we're supposed to be. Let's go up to the door and see if anyone's home," declared Nora.
 Nora gets to meet all the other sisters who already live at her new host's home. "Boy, there certainly are a lot of other girls who already live here," Nora exclaimed. "Are you all traveling too?" "No," said Jess. "We all live here."
Earhart is introduced to the other AG pets that live at his new host's home. Rascal (Marisol's kitty), Posie (Felicity's lamb), Tatlo (Kaya's dog), Sandy (Kailey's dog), Original Coconut, Coconut, Licorice, another original Coconut and another Licorice! That's not counting the two real cats and one real dog that are here!

The other girls clear out a closet for Nora to be able to unpack and hang up her things. "Wow, I'm going to have a lot of fun at this house, I can tell," Nora exclaimed. "I'm glad I got to come to Tennessee."

After getting all unpacked Nora and Earhart decide to go on a golf outing.
 Earhart has his own set of clubs and he and Nora head for the links.
 "Wow, my club is a bit big for me, but I'll try this anyway." Nora declared.
"This place is HUGE," Nora said. "Do we really have to walk it all?"
"The flag is pretty big too, but I think I can manage to get it out of the hole," Nora added helpfully.

"The hardest part of golfing is trying to convince Earhart that he shouldn't be chasing the balls!
"Wait, I see a beautiful pebble in here.....if I could just reach down a little further."
 After her long day of traveling, moving in and golfing, Nora is greatly relieved to be able to get in her jammies and into a comfortable bed. "Goodnight!" she says.

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  1. How cute. Fun to think out all the outings and poses....