Sunday, August 26, 2007

Julie and Ivy

As many have heard, American Girl is releasing a new Historical Character, Julie Albright. She is representing the not so far past of 1974. Unlike with other new release dolls, her best friend doll, Ivy, is supposed to be released along with her. The scheduled release date is September 10.

I have seen pictures of these dolls from friends who went to the Premier at American Girl Place LA. She has long, straight, blond hair and dark brown eyes. She does not have pierced ears, although Ivy does. I don't want to publish any pictures of her because I don't want to infringe on AG's right to her pictures until her release date. Any picture you might find on another AG fan site is probably a photo-shop image of what someone thinks she should look like. The New York times released a picture of her on Friday, but I'm still going to wait until she's on AG's web site.

I have seen the Julie mini-doll for sale on eBay already. That is also against AG rules. The book sellers (who also sell the mini dolls) have received their orders of Julie's new books with intended release of the books earlier than the dolls, but still in September. Unfortunately some booksellers have not abided by AG's policy to not sell the books/mini-dolls until the correct date.

I hope to post pictures of Julie here soon....maybe when I get her! Wouldn't that be great! We need more dolls at our house!

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