Friday, August 3, 2007

2001 Lindsey

Lindsey is the first American Girl of the Year that was ever produced. She was only available for sale in 2001. Our Lindsey arrived with her entire world collection (I know, not much with her!) from Wisconsin yesterday:

That means we have now acquired all the Girls of the Year that have been made (so far.) 

Lindsey (2001), Kailey (2003-04), Marisol (2005), Jess (2006), and Nicki (2007).

I'm sure Mattel will continue to make GotY since they've become such a collectors' item, so our 'gaggle of girls' will more than likely continue to grow. (BTW: Nicki is still in her box to help retain her value over the years. I'm not sure how long we can stand to make her stay "mint in box" though. She looks like she wants to get out and play with her many sisters.)

[edit: Nicki was out playing with her sisters within a couple of months!]

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  1. that is sooo cool that you have so many american girl dolls I have always wanted one.