Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kirsten joins the crowd

We're about finished with our collection of Historical American Girl dolls. Kirsten came today, along with her sister, Addy, but Addy had silver eye, so we had to send her to the AG hospital for eye replacement surgery. Kirsten didn't have very much wrong with her. Here's her before and after photos:

I added some cheek and lip color to her face (after I scrubbed off all the dirt with baking soda water). I unbraided and spritzed her with downey water spray as I gently combed through her tangles. Then I re-braided her as I misted her with water to keep the fly-away hairs in place. The hair color didn't change at all...the after picture just happens to be in different light. Her hair color is like the before photo.

Kirsten is a 1996 Pleasant Company doll and she came from California. We'll add Addy to the collection when she returns from her hospital stay.

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