Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Traveling Toast

Toast is the sweetest little American Girl Coconut dog. He's come to spend a little time with us during his travels.

 Traveling Toast arrives at his first host's home in Tennessee
Toast meets the other AG pets that currently live there.

After Toast got settled in his new home, he went out golfing with his new family.

"This ball is huge!" he says.
After a LONG walk on the beautifully landscaped golf course, Toast is ready for a rest.
Later in the week we take a trip to Dollywood.
Toast tries to get on the Thunderhead (roller-coaster) but the ride officials say he's too small.
"Finally! Something that I can do!"
Toast gets to meet the real dog that lives with his host's family.
Toast and Traveling Earhart have to wait outside on the trip to the library. No dogs allowed!
While we were downtown, we went to the Sunsphere. Toast has a great view of Knoxville from up here (even though it's raining)
 The next day we stayed home and Toast got to climb trees at his host's home.
Toast curling up to rest with one of the real pets.
Toast's last day with his Tennessee host it's raining outside, so I can't get off the porch and go play!
Oh well, I'll just stay inside and play with my new friends.Goodbye sweet little puppy! 
We're going to miss you!

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