Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nora's Fun Friday

Fun Friday (September 8, 2007)

Whew, it's hot here, so Jess let me wear her meet dress today. All I brought was long pants and jackets. Lindsey let me borrow her laptop so I could do my blogging in the morning.
At lunch time, I got to join with the family at the big table. Kaya was kind enough to share her foods with me. All the girls here are very generous.
Later in the day, one of the boys took me out on a real go-kart! That was sooooo exciting! I'm wearing Lindsey's helmet here, to protect my head in case we wrecked. I have a neat bungee cord as a seat belt so I won't go flying off the kart. This certainly was a thrilling ride for me!

He also took me a ride on the front of the motor scooter. That was a bit scary and my dress kept blowing up, but it was fun. Next time I'll put on my pants first!

After riding the kart and scooter for a while, I took a relaxing walk near the pond. Here I am among the beautiful cat tails. I ask my host if this is really where they grow cats, but she said they're just called that. The real cats are inside the house.

Here is Earhart taking a rest with one of the inside cats. Her name is Molly. Which can be confusing sometimes for the 'real' Molly.

As is typical in this family, Friday night is family movie night. I got my own flip-chair and my own bowl of popcorn. We watched some movie called "Kart Racer." It was about racing go-karts, of course! It was pretty good. I had a fun Friday in Tennessee.

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