Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Real Makeover

Wow, what a challenge! This lovely Josefina came in an auction with her sleigh bed and bedding, and the AGoT trundle bed. This "extreme-makeover" Josefina was just an added bonus, as we already have two Josefinas. We refer to her as "Fosterfina" since the plan is to re-do and re-sell her. So she's a foster daughter right now.
Fosterfina came from Massachusetts in mid-July, 2007.

                              Before                                                       After                          
She came with eyeshadow (blue poster paint) on her eyelids; glue on her eyeballs, eyelashes, and hair; glitter glue on her face and ears; white poster paint on her teeth; red nail polish on all her nails; highlighter on her leg and filthy limbs all around. What fun she was to clean up!

She feels so much better now after her time at our Spa!

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  1. Awesome job!

    My oldest was a huge AG fan. It's been too many years.... I enjoyed reading about the fixes! I wish I had known so much of the info way back when.