Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Molly Makeover

I found on eBay this poor doll for a BIN of $10. I bought her. The seller, from Illinois, said it was "Samantha" which was what I was looking for since we already had a few Samantha outfits and no Sammy doll. But when she arrived (in a shoe box!) she was MOLLY!

The eyes are the main difference between the two.  Samantha has brown eyes and Molly has gray eyes. Also Samantha's hair is curly and meant to hang down her back. Molly's is straight and meant to be worn in two braids.

I decided to send Molly to the AG hospital to have her makeover since she had so many problems. Here is the result:

The hospital cleaned and reattached her limbs; combed and re-braided her (cut) hair; and replaced her eyes...evidently they were beginning to show signs of 'silver eye'. She was glad to return to us in her adorable hospital gown with bracelet and get well balloon. And the turn around was under a week. Great job AG hospital!

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