Monday, July 2, 2007

Another Josefina!

My first AG, Josefina, received many outfits for her first Christmas with us. in fact she ended up with all of her outfits, both current and retired. She also was joined by an original, pre-Mattel Josefina in early January, 2007. This Josefina came from Oregon.


Now our original, first Josefina is referred to as Kayafina, since she enjoys wearing her hair in the double braid style of her namesake.  There are many, small differences between the first edition Josefina and the later version, the one we call Kayafin

First edition (pre-Mattel doll) Josefina has longer, curled up eyelashes.  She also has longer, thicker hair and a more plump body and limbs. Her face and arms have a softer, less plastic look. Her face makeup is a bit different too, but that can happen on all the dolls depending on the point of manufacture.

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