Friday, July 20, 2007

Darcy's makeup

Darcy came to us in April, 2007 from a college friend here in Tennessee. She didn't come with a name (she's a GT#17 - red hair, blue eyes), but I thought she looked Irish, so we gave her an Irish name: Darcy McKenna.

The only thing wrong with Darcy was her face makeup was faded out. She looked washed out.

I just used real peach colored blush on her cheeks and a bit of lip pencil on her lips and then rubbed it off carefully with a q-tip. You have to be really careful with real makeup on a vinyl doll. It will stay exactly where you put it, as it soaks into the skin. Use makeup with extreme care.

Since Darcy is an original 1996 Girl of Today (the second year the non-historical dolls were ever produced) she's of higher quality vinyl and has a plumper body and limbs than the dolls you will get from American Girl today. She stays in her box most of the time to retain her value and pristine condition.

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