Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rosa needs some work

Recently, I found a BIN $20 Josefina on ebay. So she came to live with us this week. She needed a lot of work. She had one eye that was broken, her torso seemed to be narrower on the top, and she had various paint and dirt marks as is common with play.

Rosa's ebay photo.

I took off her limbs so I could clean her torso and fluff. I discovered that a previous owner had tried to restring her by filling her arms with plaster and bungee-ing her arms together. That's why her upper body looked so narrow. Her arms were being pulled towards each other at the shoulders!

I cracked and removed all the hardened plaster and restrung her properly.

As I mentioned, one eye was broken and I've never done an eye transplant, but figured it wouldn't hurt to try on this dolly. I got the eye out, glued back the broken piece, and, with a great deal of effort, got it back in!

Here's the eye outside of Rosa's head:

Finally after working on her most of the day, she's a new girl!

Now we have three Josefinas. They are all beautiful in their own way.

Josefina (1997)                   Rosafina (2000)                       Kayafina (2002)


  1. What was broken that you could glue back together on her eye parts??..After her make-over she looks like a new dolly...Great job !!

  2. do you give these dolls a new home? Because i was looking for an american girl doll?