Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Stuff with JD

Just a few things JD has done so far hanging out at AGR.
I was having a little trouble waking up, but then I discovered NOS.
After breakfast I got to play dominoes with Jess, Kit and Nicki

The dog that lives here is much bigger than Rusty.

We went to the college cafeteria (Dining Facility is it's proper name) for some lunch. 
I like pizza.
The best part was dessert: some great apple cobbler.
Unfortunately this student thought I looked like a snack.
It's really too bad that it's a bit rainy and the track is muddy. This motorcycle looks like it's gonna be a BLAST to play with. I hope it clears up soon.

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  1. Oh man; that was neat! The biker tried to eat JD. Oy! -Omar