Tuesday, December 30, 2008

American Guy Dolls

After hosting Traveling JD for a while, our girls here thought that they'd like to have some brothers too. So I found these two AG dolls (formerly #21 and Samantha) and customized them to look like my real sons around age 11.


Meet Rosco and Charlie

We gave these to the boys at Christmas and they were very pleased to meet themselves in doll form. We also bought a few of the older GoT outfits that looked more boyish (they both are wearing genuine AG outfits in the picture above.)

So now we have too many AG dolls to take a group photo. There are 32 (18") American Girl (and Guy) dolls, 3 Bitty Twins, 2 Hopscotch Hill School girls, 1 Girl of Many Lands (Isabel) and 21 mini (6 1/2") American Girl Dolls here at AGRescue.


  1. Man,i wish i could have them in my collection........btw great page:)

  2. They are sooooo cute! In my other comment, you probably saw the mistakes of typos and all that stuff but I have the boy doll from Sew-Dolling.

  3. Why doesn't Nora post anymore? I'm just curious.

  4. Can u please update.........Love the site!

  5. I have a doll just like tat. His name is Alex. He has black hiar and brown eyes. Hi is an american girl doll that I just cut his hair