Thursday, December 25, 2008


Elizabeth joined our family today along with her accessories and her holiday gown.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


  1. OMG! She looks sooo pretty! Are you excited for the new AG doll Chrissa to come out? Anyways, I love your website so keep posting!

  2. How do you receive TRAVELING DOLLS? Please make a entry about how you do if you can or comment and tell me if possible! Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth is such a beautiful doll!

    I have another question for you. (since you are an AG expert :D)

    My Josephina doll's hair is really frizzy and looks horrible. Do you have any ways to fix it?



  4. OMG! OMG! OMG! My mom is going to the city on January 2 which is this Friday and she is picking up Chrissa for me!! (: Are you planning on buying her even though you mainly receive used AG dolls? JUST ASKING!

  5. How many dolls do you have all together??? Just wondering! I have 16 and maybe I'll have as much as you by the end of 2009!

    I have these dolls:

    -Emma (jly)

    -Julie Albright

    -Ivy Ling

    -Mia St. Clair

    -Kit Kittredge

    -Kirsten Larson

    -Addy Walker

    -Emily Benett

    -Ruthie Smithens

    -Isabella (jly)

    -Felicity Merriman

    -Scout (old Kirsten and I got the name Scout from this site)

    -Kailey Hopkinz (got her on EBAY)

    -MaKayla (jly)

    -Edward (Ses-Dolling boy doll which I highly recommend)

  6. I also will have Chrissa Maxwell (goty09) on Friday, January 2nd!

  7. I meant I highly recommend SEW-DOLLING and the website is so check it out!

  8. SORRY AGAIN!!!!! I MEANT!!!!!

  9. I am so glad that you take care of and fix dolls! I would if I could... I love my 5 dolls but often don't know what to play with them. I also am bringing my Felicity doll to mississippi and I am not so sure about her safety and all...