Thursday, December 18, 2008


We had a gift swap on the doll forum that I belong to and I received my surprise package in the mail today.  Here are Maggie and Kaya with their new AG back-pack and a tray of fimo Christmas cookies!

Thanks, MrsMac and the WeeMacs!


  1. How cute! You are so lucky to have all those dolls!

  2. Hi i am a 9-year-old that has 7 ag dolls and a bitty I am getting baby polly from e-bay here is a list of dolls i order i got them.

    1. Katie sue b-day christmas 06

    2. Elizabeth Cole b-day christmas 07

    3. Mia st.claire b-day jan 5th 08

    4. Kit Kittrendge b-day march 23th 08

    5.Jess mconell b-day june 14th 08

    6. Kailey hopkins b-day august 24th 08

    7.Nellie O'mallie b-day november 14th 08

    Do you have any tips for doll collecting? Oh and can i have the backpack? haha

  3. Hi also I would like to add that I just gor Marisol yesterday from my dad. We won her on e-bay 2 weeks ago but he didn't tell me!!!