Friday, January 9, 2009

New girls!

Today's my birthday and this year I decided not to go to the Atlanta American Girl store for a birthday trip like I did last year. I'm kind of disappointed that I didn't go, but I got some great surprises anyway! First, the reason I didn't go, was that AG has a coupon code out for $10 off of a Chrissa doll if you order on-line. Well, I was going to buy Chrissa in Atlanta today anyway, so I saved myself the trip and money on my new girl. And the good news was she arrived today!

 Here's Chrissa in her pajamas with her llama, Starburst.
They are both so cute and sweet!

 The second surprise was that my husband had already bought me Emily for my birthday and he gave her to me today as well!

This is Emily in her SwimSuit. She's so cute and squishy. I love her.

Two dolls in one day! How very blessed I am to have such a loving family.


  1. Wow im getting the Chrissa doll too and emily is so cute!

  2. I just got Chrissa on the 1st of January and I got her book signed by Mary Casanova in Chicago! I also got Emily for straight a's!

  3. happy birthday and all of your dolls are cute

    p.s. im getting chrissa too!

  4. I loooooooooooooooooove chrissa!!!I don't know if you got my message! Tell if you didn't

  5. I just got Marisol on ebay. I got Crissa yesterday and today we will be ordering a american girl just like your danica I can't wait!

  6. mia is soooo pretty!!!!!!!how did you get that outfit?

  7. Can you send me a message, Just to chat! I love to talk.