Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Alex Time Travels

Alex discovered that if she reads, she can go anywhere!

First she read about and visited Julie in the 1970's.
Then she traveled back a bit further by reading about Molly in the 1940's.
The next story took her back to the 1930's where she met Kit.

 Then she read Meet Samantha which whisked her away to the early 1900's.
Then she traveled to the 1860's where she met Addy.
Her next book, Meet Kirsten, took her all the way back to the 1850's!
 Then she read Meet Josefina which took her back to the 1820's.
The next book she read had her traveling to the 1770's where she met Felicity
(and Penny, too!)
Last she read the book Meet Kaya which landed her all the way back to the 1760's.

Alex had a great time traveling to other times through reading. You can too!


  1. I Really liked this Entry. I like how you Dressed her up and put her with the doll in the book. Very Nice!

  2. Sweet! I love having traveling dolls travel throughout time, too. It's so much fun seeing which historical outfit suits them the best.

  3. That was neat! She must love reading the books (and it's a great look at how other dolls look in the historical clothes).

  4. hey i love american girl dolls to i have 4 but my mom says if i save up i can get mia oh and i love the little house for the dolls its really nice