Monday, October 5, 2009

Stuff with Hazel

Sweet little Hazel has been having fun at AGR. We decided NOT to take her dirt-track racing this past weekend because she would come home so the camera, cooler, bikes and we did.

Here's a photo of Charlie racing anyway.

But she did get to participate in Banned Books week.

She chose to read Julie of the Wolves. Here she is with her dolly.

Hazel also got to join the Solidarity Sisters in a fall picnic.

Hazel is on the far left in the red jacket. Around the table from Hazel's left are: Maggie, Gwen, Dante, Willow, Sonali and Chrissa.


  1. How did you get all those dolls? My cousin loves dolls! Also my BFF's sister has a kit doll. SHE LOVES IT!


  2. Where did you get the solidary scarfs? I saw them on the CHRISSA movie and wanted a doll one so bad! If you made them where did you get the fabric? I am on AGP so can you PM me there? my username is chloerock