Friday, October 23, 2009

Hazel at Dollywood

So we finally got a chance to take Hazel to Dollywood. I know, we've taken other traveling dolls to DW, but Hazel has never gotten to go, so off we go to show her the Harvest Festival Celebration going on at DW.

Traveling Hazel gets her new pet llama, Lena, and
they get buckled up for the trip to Dollywood.

YAY! After only 30 minutes in the carseat, Hazel and the family have arrived.
When they arrive at DW, Hazel gets to snuggle up in the AG backpack.
 There are lots of pretty decorations at Dollywood celebrating the autumn harvest.
 She graciously posed on this old John Deere to please her host family.
 Hazel got to take a ride on the Rockin' Roadway.
And she sat quietly in her seat to watch the production of Sha-Kon-O-Hey.

But she was too small to be allowed to ride the Mystery Mine.
The Mystery Mine looks quite scary anyway and Hazel was glad she didn't ride it.
 But she did get to ride the Village Carousel.
What a fun day Hazel (and the family) had at Dollywood!

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