Thursday, July 31, 2008

To the Beach!

We took some girls on vacation with us to the beach in Delaware

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  1. Hi there, my daughter (12 yrs old) and I just spent sometime looking thru all your american girl pics...can't believe you have that many!

    We think the idea of doing the traveling doll pictures is so cool! How does that work you swap dolls with people for a time and then each takes the others doll to some local sites to do pictures?

    my daughter has two american girl dolls - her first was one of the ones that you pick what she looks like (don't know the number off hand) but she's got long brown hair and brown eyes...she is named Caroline. And the second one is Kit. Although my daughter doesn't really play with them much anymore, she still enjoys watching the movies and browsing the catalogs when they come.

    Anyway, very cute...added your site to my friends list so that we can check back and see what new adventures your dolls go on.

    Melissa & Bridgette