Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dolls' House Update

I've been asked to post some more updated photos of our Dolls' House. These were actually taken last year, but they're newer than the ones I posted when it was new (HERE). This one is a little newer:

The Dolls' Room still has the TREE HOUSE on one wall and this wardrobe on one wall.

Here are the separate room photos only I don't have one of the first room now. Kaya and Julie share a room now, so here's a photo of Kaya's side and Julie's side separately.

The next room on the top is the Girl of the Year's Room (more or less):

Next room on the left is the Historical girls' room.

Beside that room, on the right is the Modern Girls' Bedroom:

On the bottom left is Josefina's Room. Her piano doesn't fit in her room. :-)

The last room on the bottom, is a Modern girl living room. Many haphazard items are in it. Now with Kit's Desk and Josefina's Piano too!

That's somewhat of how it looks. It changes a lot since we actually play with it! If you're our new friends from Atlanta, please comment. You can comment even if you don't have an account. Thanks for the fun time at AG-Atlanta!


  1. Kewl .. we want to know if we can come over and play at your house??? It looks like loads of fun .. LOL!!


  2. how much has it cost you to buy all of this? just wondering.

  3. @butterflykisses2593 - We already had the paint, so all we bought was wood and fasteners (nails). It probably was around $200 in wood, if I remember correctly.