Monday, June 16, 2008

Maggie's Makeover

Maggie showed up here as a very mis-handled 2001 Kirsten. Well, she wasn't as messy as she started out when she was first posted on eBay. A different PT member bought her from an eBay seller and tried to get the ink and highlighter off of her. She did a pretty good job, but then decided that she just didn't fit into her collection. That PT member called her "Scout".

We purchased Scout and when she got here, we took her completely apart. I washed her torso and her fluff and laid them out in the sun to dry. I covered the parts on her limbs and face where ink still remained with oxy-10 and laid those out in the sun as well because heat is supposed to help the oxy-10 soak into the vinyl to fade the ink.

Her hair was in great shape already. Just a bit smokey smelling.


I re-strung her limbs, re-stuffed her and fixed her hair. She looks (and smells) so much better!

Our sweet Maggie Scout (a modern girl) feels so much better!

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  1. that's looks really cool!

    ur lucky u have soooooooooooo many AG dolls!I'm getting mine on saturday on sunday i might get Mia or Julie i cant choose