Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Racer Danica

We adapted the AG Track Suit to better serve Danica, with tiny iron-ons we made as sponsor patches. Doesn't she look sweet?


  1. I really love your blog!!!!!!!

    Its Soo awesome because i rescued my Kit doll she had a hair problem and a broken leg she was like 20 dollars on ebay!!!!!

    I look all the time for more...

    Actually im looking right now!!

    anyway my grandma {unexpectedly} for Christmas gave me Kirsten doll BRAND NEW!!

    it was so awesome !!!

    If you would like to see them ill post pictures!


  2. That is sutch a cool jacket! Wher did you get the iron on sponcer patches? I should get some! make sure to check out my AG rescue website @ Homeschool.blogger/americangirlHELP