Monday, November 12, 2007

AGB&B Atlanta

We haven't been to the American Girl Boutique and Bistro since September, but I didn't post any pictures then.

The outside of the store in the North Point Mall in Alpharetta (just north of Atlanta) and Traveling Nora.

The main entrance from inside the mall

Julie choosing something to eat at the Bistro

We all had fun shopping at AGB&B Atlanta. I can't wait to go back again sometime.


  1. omg i went there for my sisters b-day it was sooo much fun

  2. OMG i have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES they were showing felecity on a TV BEST AG MOVIE EVER LOL but me and my BFF are going there like in a few weeks my doll has Red hair and green eyes like me and her name is ashley!

  3. Do you have Nicki?